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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns
Lease One or More of These Domain Names
For Your Ballot Measure Campaign!!!
Select the domain name below that
most closely matches your ballot designation.
Click on it and we'll show you the availability
of that domain name and others like it.
Alpha Only
Vote Yes/No
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Applicable to Domain Cost Club registrations only.

Prepare To Win...
... Over 2/3 of Our Clients Do!

Savvy campaign managers know the value of maximizing access to their website. They choose Ballot Measure Domains. They win!

You've spent a lot of time and money on your website. Get some traffic!!

Worry-Free Leasing

We realize that not having ownership of your campaign's domain name is a concern for some committees and we've implemented the steps below to help aleviate those concerns. Our goal is to make the system as fail-safe and worry-free as possible.
Learn More...
  • FREE monitoring of your campaign website via
  • Domain isolation at the registrar to prevent accidental DNS changes
  • Domain expiration dates are maintained at least one year beyond your initial lease termination date
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