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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns
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Your campaign’s website is one of the most important tools you have to reach the voters who will determine the outcome of all your hard work. It’s there 24/7 to help answer voters’ questions and to convince them to vote as you would like them to.

Every voter who fails to hear your message has a greater potential to vote for your opposition. Make your message as easy to reach as possible.

Just as location is vital to success in real estate, your internet address, your domain name, is vital to success on the web.

Qualities of a Good Ballot Measure Domain Name

  • Reasonably short
    • Easier to read from a moving vehicle
    • Easier to remember
    • Enables larger font size.
  • Easy to remember or guess
    • Standard format voters expect to see
    • No committee names or other words that are hard to remember or spell
    • No hyphens; .com or .org only
  • Call to action
    • Your domain name should appear everywhere so when someone reads, hears, or speaks it, they will receive a reminder of the action you want them to take.
    • (Ex: Use vs. the less motivating or

Multiple Ballot Measure Domain Names
Are Strategically Important

  • Capture non-search engine traffic
    • Many voters guess at the domain name of sites they want to visit
    • Ballot measure campaigns typically use standard-format domains like,,,, etc. Voters know this and will guess at these domain names first.
    • Your campaign website can have multiple domain names pointing to it including your domain name from before you received your number/letter assignment.
  • Help prevent interference by your opposition
    • Opposition campaigns occasionally register domain names applicable to your campaign and either forward them to their website or, worse yet, post a website pretending to be you, a spoof website. It’s unethical but it happens. Here's an interesting Time Magazine article on the subject.
    • Acquiring these secondary ballot measure domain names not only helps prevent interference by your opposition but it enhances your ability to capture more voter non-search engine traffic.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

At Ballot Measure Domains we take pride in our relationships with our customers and we always strive make their job of launching a campaign website as effortless as possible.
  • Thanks again for all your help during this process, you really went above and beyond our expectations. We'll likely be running a few more of these ballot campaigns over the next few years and will of course keep your services in mind as we plan strategy for those. -- Tom B. Yes On 2
  • It’s important to direct traffic to your chosen name’s site, and buying up common similar names, for a short time, just makes sense. It also prevents the opposition from doing a parody site and attempting to confuse the electorate. With ballot props, confusion is one of the standard operating procedures it seems. -- Carol S. Yes On Prop 102
  • Ballot Measure Domains and Dan Schluer were a great asset to the campaign. It was painless working with BMD and getting our needs met for the online marketing portion of our campaign. In fact, BMD far exceeded their obligations to ensure that our needs were met in order for us to establish a viable and effective online presence. -- Christopher B. Yes On D
  • Thanks a lot for the great, prompt service you provided when we were setting up the site. It really made that part of the process a breeze, and I believe that having that domain, and website, did indeed help us win the election by giving us a credible, easy to find, information platform for getting our message out. It was helpful to the media, and all those interested in the subject. -- Garland T. Yes On Measure E