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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns
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With Ballot Measure Domains It Is!
Here's Why...

Leased Domain Name Isolation - Our domain names are assigned to your campaign website via our domain registrar's DNS system. Access to the DNS is strictly limited to key BMD employees and strong passwords are changed on a regular basis.

Our Domain Registrations Cannot Not Accidentally Expire During Your Lease - Upon commencement of a lease, all associated domain names are renewed, if necessary, so that their expiration dates fall after the termination date of the lease plus a reasonable renewal period. This prevents the accidental abandonment of an active domain due to a missed registration renewal payment.

Free Uptime Monitoring of Your Website - All websites experence occasional downtime due to network or server issues. Rarely are these outages related to DNS issues (the type BMD would cause) but are instead a result of network failures, website coding errors, and/or web server crashes. Regardless of cause, we want to help make your lease with us and your website's uptime worry-free! Upon request, we will use the services of our website monitoring provider,, to check your website every minute ensuring that you (and we) are notified quickly of any downtime conditions.

Temporary Transfer of the Domain to you via This shouldn't be necessary but we can do it if its vital to your campaign. Let's discuss your needs.

Feeling a Little More Secure?

Qualities of a Good
Ballot Measure Domain Name

  • Easy to remember or guess
    • Standard format voters expect to see
    • No committee names or other words that are hard to remember. KEEP IT SIMPLE!
    • No hyphens
    • .com or .org only
  • Integrated with your campaign
    • Choose domain name EARLY
    • Integrate domain name into all campaign materials
    • If done right, your campaign should be known as the "Yes On 2 Campaign" or the "No On Measure B Campaign", etc.
  • Call to action
    • Your domain name should appear everywhere. If chosen correctly, each time somone reads, hears, or speaks it they will receive a subtle reminder of the action you want them to take.
    • Example: Use vs. the less motivating or
  • Reasonably short
    • Easier to read from a moving vehicle
    • Easier to remember
    • Enables larger font size