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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns

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Online Advertising Placement and Pricing

Ballot Measure Domains is a major player in a very unique niche market -- the leasing of prime, ballot measure domain names to campaign committees. The right domain name, like,,, or can increase traffic to a website significantly.

We have well over 300 domain names in our portfolio and each unleased domain directs its traffic to the matching landing page on our website. Most of the visitors to these unleased domains fall into one of two categories, campaign committees looking for a new domain name or voters looking for information on a ballot measure. Either way, there's an opportunity to help them out with an ad!

If your company supplies goods or services to political campaigns, Ballot Measure Domains is the place to advertise! When a campaign manager is searching for a domain name to use they have usually just received their official ballot designation from the Secretary of State or the City/County Clerk. Your ad here couldn't be any better positioned or timed! Presidential election years are always the busiest. In 2012 there were 188 statewide measures and 3,818 local measures. 2016 looks to be equally busy!

When a someone types one of our unleased domain names into their browser they arrive at the corresponding landing page on our website. In the 2 months before an election this traffic increases dramatically as voters start to actively search for information on how to vote. We have reserved 2 ad slots on each domain landing page just for campaign ads - LPRC2 and LPRC3. Any landing page of an unleased domain name is available for placement of your ads, even the pages of your opposition's. All ads must accurately reflect the content of the website to which the user will be directed if they click the ad. Deceptive ads will not be permitted.


Domain Name Landing Pages

Landing page ad slots.

Home Page

Home page ad slots.

Savvy campaign managers know the value of maximizing access to their website. They choose Ballot Measure Domains. They win!

You've spent a lot of time and money on your website. Get some traffic!!

The Domain Leasing Process

One of the benefits of running a relatively low volume website is that we get a chance to work directly with our customers. Our leasing process is, and always has been, manual. We actually like talking with our customers! Here's how it works:
  • Choose the domain(s) from the list that best suit your campaign needs.
  • Call or with any questions or lease requests. We'll make it almost effortless on your part.
  • When you're ready to lease, we'll need some contact info for a short lease.
  • We'll email the lease to you and it will include a PayPal button for payment.
  • When PayPal confirms payment, we'll change the domain's nameservers or forwarding as you wish.