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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns

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If you would like to contact us with questions about leasing, advertising, becoming an affiliate, or anything else we can help you with please use the form or email link below.   A representative will respond to your message, generally within a few hours.

Ballot Measure Domains
11081 Baldy Mesa Rd.
Victorville, CA 92392
(213) 221-1311

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Worry-Free Leasing

We realize that not having ownership of your campaign's domain name is a concern for some committees and we've implemented the steps below to help aleviate those concerns. Our goal is to make the system as fail-safe and worry-free as possible.
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  • FREE monitoring of your campaign website via
  • Domain isolation at the registrar to prevent accidental DNS changes
  • Domain expiration dates are maintained at least one year beyond your initial lease termination date