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Ballot Measure Domains - Memorable Domains for Successful Campaigns

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How These Domains Can Help Your Campaign

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important decisions you'll make when setting up a website. It's even more important when that website is a political one because you have a very limited time in which to publicize your site, get the voters to visit, and convince them to vote your way. A good ballot measure domain name can help voters find your site more easily and hear the message that you want to deliver.

Easy to Remember/Guess Helping Voters Find You

When voters see your campaign's domain name they usually have only seconds to remember it. The best way to make your ballot measure domain name memorable is to select one that is a standard format that voters are used to seeing and that they could easily guess (because MANY of them do). Almost all of the domains in the Ballot Measure Domains portfolio meet this standard-format criteria.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Many voters will guess at your campaign’s domain name in an effort to save time. Their desire to visit your site may last only seconds in today’s fast paced world. You need to capture them, FAST! Utilizing multiple, standard-format domain names as gateways to your website does just that, no matter which one the voter guesses. NO searching, NO wrong domain name attempts, NO chance they end up on your opposition’s website instead.

Help Prevent Website Spoofing

In a world of sometimes questionable political ethics there’s another good reason for controlling all domain names pertinent to your campaign. It makes it harder for your opposition to post a spoof website, pretending to be you. It’s unethical but unfortunately it’s done. Here's an interesting Time Magazine article on the subject.

Establish Campaign Identity

Choose your domain name as soon as your issue is assigned a ballot designation. Integrate the domain name into all of your campaign materials. If done right, your campaign should be known as the "Yes On 2 Campaign" or the "No On Measure B Campaign", etc. Remember, your objective is to get the voter to vote the way you want them to. Keep the action message basic and consistent –

Act as a Call to Action

Your domain name should appear everywhere! If chosen correctly, each time someone reads, hears, or speaks it they will receive a subtle reminder of the action you want them to take. Compare the action messages delivered by vs. the less motivating or

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How to Lease a Domain Name

One of the benefits of running a relatively low volume website is that we get a chance to work directly with our customers. Our leasing process is, and always has been, manual. We actually like talking with our customers! Here's how it works:
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  • When PayPal confirms payment, we'll change the domain's nameservers or forwarding as you wish.